Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our studio is located in Carmel, but we service Hamilton County as well as the Indianapolis areas.

Q: Do I have to take off work in order to work with an interior decorator?

A: We schedule initial consultations from 9am to 4pm, Monday through Thursday and Friday 9am to 1pm. Often times our clients may go in to work a little later that day, or leave early. We do not run weekend appointments.

Q: How does Decorating Den Interiors – Clark Team Designs work?

A: See our How We Work page on our step-by-step process.

Q: How can you offer free design services?

A: We have wholesale trade accounts with over 150 suppliers internationally. That means we buy our products wholesale and sell them to our clients at retail, much like any retail store. So, there is no technical fee for our design service itself. Once we come up with a plan and budget, we charge an initial retainer in order to begin the selection process. If the client purchases the product presented, the retainer applies to the balance of the project and thus the client pays nothing for our services.

Q: What happens on my first appointment?

A: The first appointment is a chance for us to get into the space and get a feel for what our clients need. We will make suggestions on the timeline and the scope of the project, discussing the budget throughout. We will give an estimate on the projected proposal and then we decide on a retainer amount to implement the design. If the client chooses to not move forward, a fee of $75 will be charged upon the completion of the visit.

Q: How do I determine a budget for my project? 

A: This is the beauty of our services. We specialize in project planning, so we will help you come up with a budget based on the wide array of over 150 suppliers in our network. We ask that you be thinking about your budget ahead of time to help us plan accordingly. But no worries if you have no idea….we can help with that!

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum project size?

A: No. We are happy to work with any size project. They are all important to us!

Q: Will you work with my existing pieces/furnishings that are in the room?

A: Yes! Understanding what items will stay in the space is part of the scope of the work of the project. We are happy to use any furnishings that are “near and dear” to our clients to make their project truly their own.

Q: Do you shop with me in other stores?

A: No. We believe that the best design decisions are made in the actual space. We bring everything to you which is a major benefit of working with us!

Q: What’s the timeframe to get everything in?

A: The scope of the project determines the timeline. If a project includes custom drapery or upholstered furnishings, it typically takes anywhere from 8-16 weeks. The timeline often varies depending on where the items are shipping from, and if they are custom made.

Q: Is it returnable?

A: Yes and no. We stand behind our products and will certainly return/replace any items that are deficient. However most of our work is made to order specifically for our clients and thus not returnable.

Q: Can I get a plan and shop retail?

A: If a client is looking strictly for ideas we charge an hourly rate for our time. The minimum is $225 for the first 1.5 hours and trip, and $80/hour thereafter.

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