5 Ways You Can Decorate a Small Space


Small spaces in the home may seem challenging to decorate, but they don’t have to be. Whether it’s a powder room, extra bedroom, condo, or apartment, there are plenty of ways to get creative when designing a room on the smaller side. After all, you’ll want to get the most use out of it as possible. 

Discover five ways you can decorate a small space.

Create rooms where there are none small space interior design kitchen/dining room with white chairs and table

Don’t let an open floor plan make you feel like you have to decorate the entire space in the same theme. You can create different sections in the space by sectioning them off with area rugs, using furniture as a “room” divider, or hanging a wallpaper that differentiates one area from another. When you create rooms where there are none, you can maximize the interest in your space and your design ideas.

Work with scale

When selecting furniture for your small space, it is essential to scale down. Rather than filling a room with heavy, full-sized furniture, opt for more practical pieces that allow the room to feel light, open, and inviting. With more significant pieces of furniture, you may only have one staging option because it will not fit any other way. Smaller items allow you to explore new layouts and find one that is best for you and your design. So instead of the multiseat sectional, think about choosing a loveseat and an accent chair. 

Opt for a lighter color palette

Dark colors in small spaces can make everything feel even smaller and uninviting. That’s why you want to choose a color palette that is bright, open, and welcoming. Aside from painting your walls in a light, neutral color, opt for lighter woods and fabrics too. When you stick to white, beige, tan, and even pastel colors, you will give an airiness to the space that darker colors cannot provide.

Build upwards small space interior designer built-ins around tv and fireplace in living room

In small spaces, it is important to keep surfaces organized and clean. To do this effectively, maximize your vertical space with different organizational systems. Think high console tables, shelving units, bookcases — any piece of furniture that allows you to layer storage and prompts you to stay uncluttered. For instance, you might keep baskets under a tall console for throw pillows and blankets. Then, you can fill the shelves that climb the wall with practical and decorative touches. Building upward allows your space to feel clean and open and draws the eye up, making the room look and feel bigger.

Hang mirrors

Creating optical illusions is another way to get the most out of a small space. How do you do this? Hang a mirror or two! The reflective surfaces will make the room appear larger and bounce back light to make it feel brighter and more open. Try placing one across from a window for maximum effect. 


Successfully designing and decorating a small room is no small feat. If you live in a small space or have a small room in your home that could use a makeover, our experienced interior designers are here to help.

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