About me

Rebekah Perry Clark

“My true idea of success is walking away from a job with the satisfaction of knowing that I created an individual creation of my client’s goals, whether they are for function, aesthetics, or self expression. Communication is key and is my most important quality. My vision is only as good as my customer’s reality… if they dream it, we can create it… together.”

Passionate inspiration and true love of design are what lured Rebekah into a journey to pursue her dream over two decades ago… since she was a child she found her love of design fostering her need to make this her career. She started her interior design business alongside her mother (Barb Perry) with a simple van, some fabric books and a determination to make her passion her career. After years of hard work, her business has developed into something she is truly proud of.

Passion is what best describes me when it comes to how I approach my business. I started my company two decades ago alongside my mother and mentor. Together, we worked in a small town close by to build our business.
Now, over 20 years later, I have a design team consisting of myself and two wonderful decorators. As a team, we work to make sure each and every client’s design is a reflection of their true self. We specialize in residential design, and no job is too big or too small. We also focus on small business design (i.e. insurance offices, dentist offices and physician offices) as well as small commercial (colleges, schools, restaurants and local businesses).

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